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CoINet was founded in 2008 and located at the University of Oldenburg at the occasion of the first conference on “Societies of Intervention”. In 2010, the network moved to Berlin. We are an independent, not-for-profit community of scientists from diverse disciplines, cultural background and professional experience.

CoINet seeks to gain and promote a deeper understanding of the effects of international interventions on the intervening as well as intervened societies. Such interventions alter not only the national set-up of the intervened country (state- and nation-building), but strongly influences society on both sides – the interveners and the intervened. Interventions create very specific Cultures of Intervention that need further investigation on the theory and the practices of interventions.


We want to know what really happens in the societies during the months and years following an international intervention. We are more   interested in the consequences in and for the society than in the state-building process itself, though both are inseparably linked. continue


Much theoretical background of our works is derived from theories of Pierre Bourdieu (on Algeria, and on the construction of habitus). Pierre Bourdieu has developed a scientific framework for the analysis of those changes and conflicts when he was studying the effects of French policies in Algeria in the 1960s. His insights and methods have rarely been utilized for the study of contemporary interventions yet. The research network Cultures of Interventions aims at bringing back a more sociological and ethnographical approach in the study of today’s interventions. continue»


Michael Daxner

Michael Daxner
Director CoINet more

Hannah Neumann

Hannah Neumann
Coordinator CoINet more



This is a list of our partners. If you or your organisation work in the same field and would like to become a partner, please send us an email. If you want to learn more about our partners, please click on their image or logo.

Berghof Conflict Research

Berghof Conflict Research / Berlin

Center for Conflict Studies

Center for Conflict Study / University of Marburg

Hayatullah Jawad

Hayatullah Jawad
Owner Afghan Human Rights Research and Advocacy Organization / NGO Afghanistan
Kofi Annan Institut for Conflict Transformation / University of Liberia

Peace Direct

Peace Direct
Peace Direct – Supporting Local Action Against Conflict / NGO United Kingdom, Germany

Ed Santoyo

Eduardo Santoyo
Professor / Notre Dame University, Cotabato