International Research Network

Cultures of Intervention

Joel Gwyn Winckler

Joel Winkler


Area of Research

Post-war recovery and reconciliation, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, dynamics within international organizations, institutions and bureaucracies (i.e. United Nations), causes of violent conflict and war, theory and practice of International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies, West Africa (i.e. Liberia).



  • Winckler, Joel Gwyn (2010): United Nations Peace Operations as Organizational Action. Assessing Procedures of Management and Reference under Ambiguity and Programmatic Deviance. Paper prepared for the 3rd ECPR Graduate Conference at Dublin City University, 30. August – 1 September 2010;
  • Winckler, Joel Gwyn (2010): Weltorganisationen in Aktion. Globale Ordnung und deren Umsetzung im Rahmen prekärer lokaler Umwelten am Beispiel von VN-Friedensmissionen. Prepared for the Workshop „Weltorganisationen“, 25./26. November 2010 in Bielefeld.