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Conference Announcement – 2BS Forum in Montenegro

The 2011 2BS Forum in Montenegro is held from June 10-12 in Budva.

Under the title “Montenegro’s Role in Building a Security Framework in SEE”, the first 2BS Forum will address some of the major issues of international relations and security. Its goal is to encourage significant discussion regarding the most important dilemmas in the field of international security such as the fight against global and cyber terrorism, combating organized crime and corruption, Euro-Atlantic integration, the perspective of security development in SEE, maritime security, energy security, WMD policy and many other topics that are crucial for SEE and the world at large. This Forum will provide a wide range of opinions, which will be the basis for creating a platform for political, expert, critical and constructive discussion.

The 2BS FORUM (To Be Secure Forum) is an annual high-level forum that has hopes of becoming a leading International Forum in SEE, which will deal with issues of global, Euro-Atlantic security and security in SEE. The main characteristic of this Forum will be the participation of numerous prominent academics and experts in the field of security policy as well as senior officials from SEE. The main organizer of the Forum is the Euro-Atlantic Club of Montenegro and co-organizers are: the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro.

Please find a background paper here, a preliminary program here and an open invitation to the Forum here.

The conference website is:

Deadline for registration is May 1!

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