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22. Frühjahrsakademie Sicherheitspolitik: Gewalt – Staatlichkeit – Demokratie – Frieden? Neue Wege der Interventionsforschung

22. Frühjahrsakademie Sicherheitspolitik: Gewalt – Staatlichkeit – Demokratie – Frieden? Neue Wege der Interventionsforschung Vom 11. bis 21. März findet die 22. Frühjahrsakademie Sicherheitspolitik statt. Diese widmet sich explizit dem Bereich der Interventionsforschung. Einige Mitglieder unseres Netzwerkes werden vor Ort eigene Arbeiten und Theorien präsentieren. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter folgenden Links: Informationen zum Veranstalter: … Continue reading »


Three new old members join the network: Ursula Thiele and Maike Schüßler

We are proud to welcome three new members to our research network. Ursula Thiele, Maike Schüßler and Werner Distler are three of the initial members of the Arbeitsstelle Interventionskultur at the University of Oldenburg, the predecessor of the International Research Network Cultures of Intervention.


World Report on Cultures of Peace

The Culture of Peace News Network (CPNN) has published the conclusion of the World Report on the Culture of Peace from 2001 to 2010. Some of the latest stories can be found here, the Report here. Their reports are facing on the issues of: PEACE EDUCATION: What are the most important books about the culture … Continue reading »


Conference Announcement – 2BS Forum in Montenegro

The 2011 2BS Forum in Montenegro is held from June 10-12 in Budva. Under the title “Montenegro’s Role in Building a Security Framework in SEE”, the first 2BS Forum will address some of the major issues of international relations and security. Its goal is to encourage significant discussion regarding the most important dilemmas in the … Continue reading »


Participation in AFK Colloquium 2011

Three of our members, Thorsten Bonacker, Sarah Riese and Joel Winckler, are presenting their research projects at the 2011 AFK Colloquium Macht in Konflikten – Macht von Konflikten on April 07-09 in Villigst. For more information on this venue please visit their website!


Job Advert – Germany

Peace Direct is increasing its presence in Germany. They are currently looking for an assistant in the fields of communication and fundraising for the next six months. Payment is quite well, based on a so-called “Werkvertrag”. Deadline is April 15. For those interested, please find the job offer here or contact peace direct through


DSF is funding our project in Bosnia Herzegovina

We are proud to announce that the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) is funding our project: Peacebuilding in Practice: Researching the Interaction of Interveners and Intervened. This is the third project realised within the International Research Network that is being funded by the DSF (the first one was our founding conference in 2008, the … Continue reading »


Movie on UNDP activites in Liberia

There is a new documentary out on UNDP activities in Liberia (focusing on Lofa County). It gives a general overview on the Peacebuilding process in Liberia and portrays an innovatice approach of disarmement where communities that joined the program were given a project of their own choice (they usually chose health facilities, road reconstruction and … Continue reading »


Preparations for fieldwork ongoing

Two of our members – Michael Daxner and Joel Winckler – are currently preparing for their fieldwork. Joel Winckler is going to Liberia for further research for his PhD project United Nations Peace Operations as Organizational Action. He is going to interview key-informants within UN mission in Monrovia and local field offices. Michael Daxner is … Continue reading »


Website Online

The new website of the International Research Network “Cultures of Intervention” is online.