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New book “Heimatdiskurs” discussed in national media

Our new book Heimatdiskurs has been discussed in national media, Deutschlandfunk and Der Tagesspiegel, among others.
Links to the most prominent reviews in:

Der Tagesspiegel

For more information on the homeland discourse research project, visit the research page on this website. For more information regardine the book, please consult the webpages of the publisher here.


New Book ‘Heimatdiskurs’ was released in November

The new book, Heimatdiskurs, edited by two members of the research network, Michael Daxner and Hannah Neumann, was released in early November 2012. It includes chapters from student working groups as well as experienced researchers.

“Erst Kosovo, dann Afghanistan – deutsche Soldaten sind im Ausland stationiert, Deutschland ist wieder im Krieg. Die Einsätze verändern nicht nur die Rolle Deutschlands in der Weltpolitik, sondern vor allem die Wahrnehmung der Nation von sich selbst. Die Auseinandersetzung mit den Anderen – vor allem den Afghanen und Terroristen, aber auch mit den Heimkehrern, den Gefallenen und den Traumatisierten – ist immer auch eine Auseinandersetzung mit der eigenen Identität. Die Beiträge dieses Buches liefern eine beispielhafte Analyse des Heimatdiskurses in Deutschland zwischen 2000 und 2012.”

For more information on the homeland discourse research project, visit the research page on this website. For more information regardine the book, please consult the webpages of the publisher here.


22. Frühjahrsakademie Sicherheitspolitik: Gewalt – Staatlichkeit – Demokratie – Frieden? Neue Wege der Interventionsforschung

22. Frühjahrsakademie Sicherheitspolitik: Gewalt – Staatlichkeit – Demokratie – Frieden? Neue Wege der Interventionsforschung

Vom 11. bis 21. März findet die 22. Frühjahrsakademie Sicherheitspolitik statt. Diese widmet sich explizit dem Bereich der Interventionsforschung. Einige Mitglieder unseres Netzwerkes werden vor Ort eigene Arbeiten und Theorien präsentieren.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter folgenden Links:
Informationen zum Veranstalter:
Informationen zur Veranstaltung:
Das Programm:

Anmeldung senden Sie bitte bis zum 31. Januar 2012 an Prof. Dr. Berthold Meyer, Email:


Three new old members join the network: Ursula Thiele and Maike Schüßler

We are proud to welcome three new members to our research network. Ursula Thiele, Maike Schüßler and Werner Distler are three of the initial members of the Arbeitsstelle Interventionskultur at the University of Oldenburg, the predecessor of the International Research Network Cultures of Intervention.


New Presentation online – Homeland Discourse

A new presentation from Michael Daxner has been uploaded today. It is focusing on the after-effects of the Homeland Discourse and was held at the international symposium “The Art of Intervention” in Hamburg (15 June 2011). The presentation is in German language and will soon be published with pictures in a conference proceeding. Please find the document following this link: UBW 20110624 final ohne Bilder


World Report on Cultures of Peace

The Culture of Peace News Network (CPNN) has published the conclusion of the World Report on the Culture of Peace from 2001 to 2010. Some of the latest stories can be found here, the Report here.

Their reports are facing on the issues of:

PEACE EDUCATION: What are the most important books about the culture of peace?

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMNT: Does military spending lead to economic decline and collapse?

HUMAN RIGHTS: The struggle against homophobia, Is progress being made in your community?

WOMEN’S EQUALITY: Do women have a special role to play in the peace movement?

DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION: The Arab spring of 2011, Can it inspire democratic movements around the world?

TOLERANCE AND SOLIDARITY: How can high tech be used to promote solidarity among peoples?

FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION: How can we know if the culture of peace is advancing?

DISARMAMENT: Can we abolish all nulear weapons?


Conference Announcement – 2BS Forum in Montenegro

The 2011 2BS Forum in Montenegro is held from June 10-12 in Budva.

Under the title “Montenegro’s Role in Building a Security Framework in SEE”, the first 2BS Forum will address some of the major issues of international relations and security. Its goal is to encourage significant discussion regarding the most important dilemmas in the field of international security such as the fight against global and cyber terrorism, combating organized crime and corruption, Euro-Atlantic integration, the perspective of security development in SEE, maritime security, energy security, WMD policy and many other topics that are crucial for SEE and the world at large. This Forum will provide a wide range of opinions, which will be the basis for creating a platform for political, expert, critical and constructive discussion.

The 2BS FORUM (To Be Secure Forum) is an annual high-level forum that has hopes of becoming a leading International Forum in SEE, which will deal with issues of global, Euro-Atlantic security and security in SEE. The main characteristic of this Forum will be the participation of numerous prominent academics and experts in the field of security policy as well as senior officials from SEE. The main organizer of the Forum is the Euro-Atlantic Club of Montenegro and co-organizers are: the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro.

Please find a background paper here, a preliminary program here and an open invitation to the Forum here.

The conference website is:

Deadline for registration is May 1!


Participation in AFK Colloquium 2011

Three of our members, Thorsten Bonacker, Sarah Riese and Joel Winckler, are presenting their research projects at the 2011 AFK Colloquium Macht in Konflikten – Macht von Konflikten on April 07-09 in Villigst.

For more information on this venue please visit their website!


Job Advert – Germany

Peace Direct is increasing its presence in Germany. They are currently looking for an assistant in the fields of communication and fundraising for the next six months. Payment is quite well, based on a so-called “Werkvertrag”. Deadline is April 15. For those interested, please find the job offer here or contact peace direct through


DSF is funding our project in Bosnia Herzegovina

We are proud to announce that the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) is funding our project: Peacebuilding in Practice: Researching the Interaction of Interveners and Intervened. This is the third project realised within the International Research Network that is being funded by the DSF (the first one was our founding conference in 2008, the second one was focusing on Peacebuilding in Liberia). Congratulations to Sarah Riese, Christoph Zürcher and Michael Daxner and many thanks to the German Foundation of Peace Research for their continuing support!

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