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Movie on UNDP activites in Liberia

There is a new documentary out on UNDP activities in Liberia (focusing on Lofa County). It gives a general overview on the Peacebuilding process in Liberia and portrays an innovatice approach of disarmement where communities that joined the program were given a project of their own choice (they usually chose health facilities, road reconstruction and re-building of town hall). Still beware, the movie is UNDP PR :-)

Here is the link:


Preparations for fieldwork ongoing

FieldworkTwo of our members – Michael Daxner and Joel Winckler – are currently preparing for their fieldwork.

Joel Winckler is going to Liberia for further research for his PhD project United Nations Peace Operations as Organizational Action. He is going to interview key-informants within UN mission in Monrovia and local field offices.

Michael Daxner is on his way to Kabul and Mazar for a short-term visit of his reserach partners. Furthermore he will seek continuation of his advisory work on higher education reform and research in social science. Expect a report  in these pages by March.


Website Online

LogoThe new website of the International Research Network “Cultures of Intervention” is online.

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