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Consultancy – NUPI – Contextualising Peacebuilding

Hannah Neumann is one of the consultants in a research project of NUPI (Norwegian Institut of International Affairs):

Contextualizing peacebuilding activities to local circumstances: Moving towards locally owned and sustainable peace operations – Case studies and training of Civil Affairs Officers in South Sudan, Liberia and Chad.

She is working on a case study and policy brief focusing on local ownership in the planning and implementation of Rule of Law reforms in Liberia. She will be on fieldwork in Liberia in October/November 2011.

Project Description: The project will aim to strengthen local ownership and improve operational effectiveness of peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations. The project will through the use of field research and interactive interventions with staff of peace operations aim to strengthen the understanding of the local needs and context and change the know-it-all attitudes that peacebuilders unfortunately often display. The insights of the project will be applied in real time through interactive sessions with Civil Affairs and planning staff of peacekeeping operations and the UN Country Teams. By this, the project aims to improve and contextualize peacekeeping practices and processes in South Sudan, Chad and Liberia, and aim to strengthen the ownership by local formal and traditional authorities of these activities. The project will result in policy briefs and a report that aim to feed into the training materials for the Civil Affairs Handbook.

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